About the project:

Survivors are Everywhere is an awareness project which aims to provide a more diverse and empowering representation of survivors of intimate partner violence.

Intimate partner violence cuts across lines of sexual orientation, gender identity, class, race, and ability. Every day, survivors of intimate partner violence are empowered and supported by their friends in ending the cycle of violence. While there are a number of campaigns that remind us of the astonishing prevalence of intimate partner violence, there are too few representations of the millions of survivors who have broken the cycle, and the friends and family who have supported them. We have access to countless models of what abuse looks like, but very few models of support and survivorship. Unfortunately, this discrepancy ultimately reinforces systems of power which perpetuate abuse.

Survivors are Everywhere aims to help address this problem by creating an intimate partner violence awareness campaign that emphasizes portrayals of survivorship over victimization, support over alienation, and reminds us that we interact with survivors every day.

The posters presented in this project were made by taking camera phone photos of volunteers. The design of the poster is relatively simple, but allows for space to share a message about survivorship or being a supporter to allies. The simplicity of the poster design allows individuals who want to participate in the campaign to create their own poster in a similar style. Links on each page allow people to share posters or other elements of the campaign on a number of social media websites.

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